On this page will be posted some images from recent events; both social and project based.

Christmas Dinner 2018

The Dalrymple Hotel at Stansbury was the venue for this year’s Port Julia Progress Association Annual Christmas Dinner.

30 Members attended and enjoyed a 3 Course Meal with complimentary bubbly and orange juice.

President Perry Woodward spoke, wished all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and gave an retrospective of 2018.

The Lucky Spot (seat) prizes and the free raffle saw 5 prizes distributed.

Father Christmas and an attendant Elf then made an appearance and distributed a small gift of chocolates to all present.


Below are some images from the festivities.

Australia Day Brunch 2019

Another great social event.


On Saturday 26 January 65 members and guests celebrated Australia Day.
Commencing at 9:00 am with the raising of the flag: PJPA President Perry Woodward lead those assembled in the singing of the National Anthem.


Trevor Wright then delivered two poems reflective of the ethos of Australia.  After a short speech from Perry, all adjourned to the Brian Cherry Community Hall to enjoy a traditional Australian b brunch of Sausages, Bacon, Eggs, Grilled Tomato, Baked Beans and Toast.
Several guests saluted the day with bubbles or wine, whilst some stayed with Orange Juice.  The Vegemite was also available and enjoyed by some.


Thanks to Perry, Trevor (BBQ & poems), Geoff (BBQ) & our Servers:

Faye, Colleen, Alan, Ann, Leonore, David and many others.


Some images of the day are below.

The Hall was decorated and the BBQ was cooked.

When the people had gathered,

The Anthem had been sung and the Flag was raised…….

So the people were served.                                                   All thanks to our great Committee and the helpers!