Boating & Fishing Information

Wearing of PFDs.
As from 1 December 2017, new rules apply to the wearing of PFDs (lifejackets) in small boats. Read the brochure on the new Rules HERE.
From 1 Dec 2018 non-compliance will result in fines.

Gulf St Vincent Snapper fishing closures

From midday 15 December 2018 to midday 31 March 2019;
two spatial closures in Gulf St Vincent will be in effect.
A spatial closure at Ardrossan in the northern part of Gulf St Vincent has been removed due to a recent scientific assessment showing it has not been effective.


The 2 new closures each cover a 4km radius, centred around their coordinates:

1. Part of Tapley Shoals: latitude 35 06.100' S, longitude 137 56.200' E

2. An area off Sellicks Beach: latitude 35 19.900' S, longitude 138 19.000' E


Within these closures:

 Fishing for Snapper is prohibited.

 Possession of Snapper is prohibited. Do not carry Snapper you have caught in other waters into these closure zones.

Other fishing activities are allowed, subject to normal limits and conditions.

Closures are also in place in Spencer Gulf for longer periods and with different conditions.


To see the map of all closures click HERE